Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Hudson Bay ice extent growing like crazy
Increasing much faster than during the past five years.
Ukraine hit with massive snowfall - 302 towns without power
One month’s worth of snow overnight.
Doha: dead — Kyoto: kaput, but NGO’s win anyway « JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax
The Indians have gone home, The Chinese are being told off. Nobody else is very interested, except developing nations looking for a handout. The Australians already agreed to everything whatever it is. (Great negotiation ploy by our Labor Government that.) The EU wants to do what it’s already doing.

Mike Haseler at the Scottish Climate and Energy Forum says it’s all over, bar the shouting. Kyoto ends on December 31, and there is no treaty to replace it, and there can be no ratified treaty by Jan 1.
The Reference Frame: Climate delegates in Qatar agree to wear gas masks
Those people don't necessarily have to be evil but the atmosphere of mindless group think at similar gatherings is totally unbelievable. It's clear that these people couldn't even afford to say that they wouldn't wear the gas mask because they felt they would instantly become pariahs. It's viewed as a moral duty for the participants to support an arbitrarily insane intervention into the human freedom – even their own freedom – if it is said to reduce CO2 emissions. Now, imagine that these totally insane, brainwashed, fanatical people are allowed to influence the actual world. I just find this idea utterly stunning.

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