Friday, December 28, 2012

Joe Bastardi Flashback | Real Science
In September, Joe Bastardi predicted an East Coast hurricane and a cold, snowy start to winter.
How did he do?
Can we avoid fooling ourselves? | Climate Etc.
JC comment: The defenders of the IPCC that slag off on the ‘deniers’ are putting their own perception of the higher interests of humankind above reason. The combination of appealing to the IPCC consensus authority and the pejorative dismissal of ‘deniers’ is not consistent with giving the freest play to reason.
Wind, Solar and Hydrogen Batteries Could Power the Nation 99.9% of the Time | Motherboard
That's the finding of a new report from University of Delaware researchers, which found that we can pull all of the coal, gas, and nukes out of one of the nation's largest electrical grids, replace it with wind, solar, and storage, and still keep it humming along just as dependably.
Op-Ed: EPA's carbon regs not based on sound science |
[Joe D'Aleo] The bottom line is that no scientist or team of scientists has come up with an empirically validated theory proving what the EPA claims it knows with 90 to 99 percent certainty. Moreover, if the EPA's three lines of evidence are so easily refuted, then the EPA's strong claim of causality, that higher carbon emissions affect sea levels and severe storm, flood and drought frequency, is on ever shakier ground. This is an inevitable problem when a person or agency tries to prove too much.

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