Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Marc Morano Exposes Bill Nye’s Astonishing Ignorance Of Climate Science In Debate On CNN
The rest of the debate is pretty much Bill Nye and Piers Morgan neurotically worrying about the phony computer-generated horror scenarios 100 years down the road, and confirm they believe that global temperatures are rising (they aren’t, they’re flat) and that sea level rise is accelerating (it isn’t, in fact it is decelerating).

Finally, I couldn’t help noticing that their primary worry is population growth – for them there are just too many people on the planet.
Three feet of snow at Norway House likely smashes record
“Up to 90 cm (3 feet) of snow fell in Norway House and Gods Lake Narrows Monday, likely a new Manitoba record for single-day snowfall,” says this article in the Winnipeg Sun.
A Moral Defense of the Oil Industry — MasterResource
“It is the oil industry, not its opponents, that deserves the moral high ground. The moral arguments against oil pretend to be progressive but are in fact re-hashes of primitive philosophical doctrines. For example, ‘sustainability’ is a relic of centuries when human beings repeated the same lifestyle over and over–instead of finding better and better ways to do things.”
On the Cusp Indicators? | The Next Grand Minimum
[In Alaska] It as colder than normal in January and at the start of December. Is this a sign of what is to come. According to geologist it only took a generation go from warm to very cold. Are we on the cusp of that change?

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