Wednesday, December 05, 2012

More signature left-wing insanity: When we get warm weather that we like, how can we avoid using words like "beautiful", "great", and "happy" when talking about it? Maybe we should use new words like "beautominous” or “carbeautiful”?

Are New Words Needed for a Warming World? | Mose Buchele
It was a beautiful weekend in much of Texas. Here in Austin, people arrived in t-shirts and shorts at the annual lighting of the Capitol Christmas Tree.
As an unusually warm year stretches into December, more and more people are experiencing two conflicting emotions simultaneously. They’re happy with temperatures that allow outdoor barbeques and even a dip in the pool as winter begins, but concerned that it’s all somehow related to global climate change...
“This is great weather, but…” is one option. But could there be an easier way?
Which brings us back to those Austinites singing carols in their shorts and t-shirts. How might they express their feelings for weather that feels so good, but may augur catastrophic changes in our global climate?

We already have two suggestions. At an outdoor dinner party in Austin the same evening as the tree lighting, “beautominous” (a conjunction of beautiful and ominous) and “carbeautiful” (carbon [sic] and beautiful) were both offered up for consideration.

Now we’d like to ask our readers.

What word would you use for weather that is both beautiful and frightening in its implications?
Mose Buchele | StateImpact Texas
He holds masters degrees in Latin American Studies and Journalism from UT Austin.
Flashback: Buffett's Charlie Munger Says Cap And Trade Is "Monstrously Stupid" (CLIP) - Business Insider
Here's [Munger's] take on global warming from a 2007 investor meeting: "So what we are really talking about with global warming is dislocation. Dislocations could cause agony though. The sea level rising would be resolved with enough time and enough capital. I don't think it's an utter calamity for mankind though. You'd have to be a pot-smoking journalism student to think that."

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