Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Muscovites Advised to Stay Home Due to Cold
Calling on Moscow residents to stay indoors, the Emergency Situations Ministry said temperatures would drop to between minus 16 C and minus 21 C in the early hours of Wednesday, while temperatures in the eastern part of the Moscow region would plunge to minus 26 C.
EU declares no winner in carbon capture competition | Environment |
The first round of a European commission contest to fund carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects failed to find a winner, the EU's executive said on Tuesday, deepening concerns that the technology will not be emerging soon to help cut emissions.
Google Translate:  Cold kills 45 people in Russia
In Russia, for the last day of cold 21 deaths. This was December 19 reports RIA Novosti , citing a source in the medical community.

250 people a day have frostbite, 147 of them required hospitalization.

All with the onset of cold weather in Russia killed 45 people and injured about 500 people (including 266 hospitalized).
...According to meteorologists, and many days of severe frosts in December, not seen since 1938.

Due to the fact that the inhabitants of towns and villages, trying to warm their homes and homeless people trying to heat the non-residential premises, the number of fires. Every day is up to 800 fires. The fire killed 70 people a day.
EPA IG audits administrator’s private e-mail account - The Washington Post
At the request of congressional Republicans, the EPA’s inspector general has begun auditing how Jackson has used this secondary e-mail account, “Richard Windsor” — named for her dog and the New Jersey township, East Windsor.
Flashback: Spin Cycle on Overdrive: EPA Launders Fingerprints of Public Officials with "Richard Windsor" Account
Seriously, who the hell names their dog "Richard" and why would this country make that person Administrator of the EPA?...In short, the deceased Richard Windsor is a hero of enviro-fascists everywhere.

I said earlier that I believe that the EPA's Richard Windsor account was created during the Clinton Administration. I've shown that Clinton EPA Administrator Carol Browner would have known the deceased Richard Windsor. I've mentioned that Browner was once Secretary of Environmental Regulation for Florida. And, now, I'll note that she was Senator Al Gore's legislative director from 1988 to 1991. In fact, Wikipedia notes that Browner "became known as a Gore protégé."

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