Monday, December 17, 2012

My Wish: Let's Stop Stealing the Future
[Rob Schuham] I work on my wish for the future almost every day as Chief Buzz Advisor to Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project
Global Warming to Unleash Flesh-Eating Plague! | hauntingthelibrary
Treehugger: “How Climate Change Can Spawn Flesh-Eating Fungi”
Scientists See Promise for People and Nature as 'Peak Farmland' Looms -
Drawing on a host of data sets, the authors conclude that a combination of slowing population growth, moderated demand for land-intensive food (meat, for instance) and more efficient farming methods have resulted in a substantial “decoupling” of acreage and human appetites.
“Harvard Needs Remedial Energy Math” — Robert Bryce
With about half of the student body polled, 72% of Harvard undergrads voted for the university to Go Fossil Free, reports energy scholar Robert Bryce in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. Harvard is renowned for educating the ‘best and brightest.’ Should U.S. and global policymakers do as these ivy leaguers say?

Bryce takes the ‘Harvards’ to school and shows them what doing the math really means.
Pollution from car emissions killing millions in China and India? |
Please show us one body (out of the 2+ million deaths annually) so it can be medically examined.

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