Sunday, December 02, 2012

New Zealand slams Kyoto extension | SBS World News
Instead of binding targets, New Zealand has offered a voluntary pledge of cutting emissions by between 10 per cent and 20 per cent by 2020, compared to 1990 levels.
Doha talks move forward at glacier's pace
Masahiko Horie, Japanese ambassador for global environmental affairs, told reporters in Doha that the Japanese government hasn't made a mid-term or 2020 target for cutting emissions.

"In the past three years, we have honored the first commitment of the Kyoto Protocol," he said. "Beyond 2013 ... the Japanese business federation will continue its voluntary efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions."
"Japan has also decided not to participate in the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol," he said. "That doesn't mean Japan will no longer have an obligation to reduce its emissions and provide financial and technical support to developing countries."
Australia "committed" to climate change aid
"Australia committed $599 million of what was called 'fast start finance' back in 2010 and we have actually delivered all of the $599 million," he said.
Seeking a sustainable future - Opinion - The Buffalo News
Last spring, NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies Director Dr. James Hansen, initially a climate skeptic, declared: “Now we can go beyond global and regional predictions because we have actual evidence that climate change has arrived, and is worse than we thought it would be.”

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