Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Nick Feik | Green movement has been an abject failure
IF THE civil rights movement were as unsuccessful as the environmental movement has been, Rosa Parks' granddaughter would still be sitting in the back of a segregated bus.
UN Climate Talks To Be Saved Again!
This script is getting so old by now I doubt you could sell it as a Rocky sequel. Benny Peiser of the indispensable Global Warming Policy Foundation has a roundup of how this script goes
Gillard once backed this investment in “poles and wires” - for a good reason | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Two things about Gillard’s latest position make no sense.

First, why is it good to increase power prices with a carbon tax, but bad to increase power prices by investing in poles and wires? At least investing in poles and wires gives you ... poles and wires. paying a carbon tax gives you nothing at all, and especially not a change in the climate.

Second, Julia Gillard today is against big invesments in poles and wires. Just two years ago she was for them - because she knew then what she won’t admit now, that investing in poles and wires was needed to make sure the power stayed on even on the hottest days
COP18: Bringing under-represented youth voices to the UN climate talks | Climate Change TV
They also talk about the level of apathy felt in New Zealand on climate change issues

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