Friday, December 21, 2012

NOAA/NASA Scumbags About To Claim Hottest Year Ever | Real Science
Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia and Alaska are being pummeled with their second straight winter of record cold and snow, and NOAA is about to announce that 2012 is the hottest year ever in the US – based on massively tampered data which in no way resembles the thermometer readings it is derived from.
Appeals court upholds EPA authority over GHG emissions; EPA trashed by dissent |
Check out Judge Janice Rogers Brown blistering dissent.
The real absurdity — apparently as invisible to the EPA as the San Gabriels once were to me — cannot be cured by phase in, no matter how subtly Byzantine. The real absurdity is that this unprecedented expansion of regulatory control, this epic overreach, may very well do more damage to the wellbeing of Americans than GHGs could ever do.
Mike Smith Enterprises Blog: The Sandy Saga Continues
As representative Broun's letter points out, this critical aspect of the NWS's performance has been removed from the new Sandy assessment as has the performance of the National Hurricane Center. The NWS assessment team members have been forced to sign non-disclosure agreements (this has never been a requirement before) and NOAA will review the final document. And, if the NWS or NOAA expunges important information, the members of the assessment team will have no recourse since they've signed NDA's. I was not asked to sign an NDA nor would I have signed one if asked.

Question: Is this how you want your tax dollars spent?

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