Sunday, December 16, 2012

Notes From Skull Island – why climate skeptics aren’t ‘well funded and well organized’ | Watts Up With That?
If our side were well funded and well organized, as warmists charge, it would have the following 22 characteristics–which it doesn’t.
Devastated Utah Ski Area Has Received Only Eleven Feet Of Snow This Autumn | Real Science
Climate experts told us last week that Utah skiing is a thing of the past.
Nature Climate Change: Action by 2020 key for limiting climate change | Science Codex
IIASA Energy Program Leader Keywan Riahi, who also worked on the study, says, "You would need to shut down a coal power plant each week for ten years if you still wanted to reach the two-degree Celsius target."
Glacial melt may hit the Oscars with the stunning, somber Chasing Ice | Ars Technica
...the film still manages to avoid overgeneralizing or glossing over important caveats. Those who were turned off by the sometimes sensationalist tone of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth will find no quarrel with Chasing Ice.

Political hot buttons and polarizing figures are absent, apart from a few television clips of bloviating pundits (and Senator James Inhofe’s infamous description of climate change as a hoax).

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