Friday, December 14, 2012

Of Pure Weather Ignorance, Yaks on Faces, and Your Holiday Gift Shopping
...While we’re basking in “terrifying” warmth, Canada is freezing its remote provinces off.

Meanwhile, last year, as the the headline writers were working themselves into a sweat over the death of winter here, people were dying of cold in droves in Europe and Asia, and Alaska was seeing records for both snowfall and cold. You read the headlines about all that, right? No? I am shocked!
How Good People Turn Into Scumbags | Real Science
1998. We are saving the planet from global warming
2005. Global warming isn’t happening – but it will later. We must fudge the truth to keep the momentum going
2012. It just isn’t happening, but we have lost our integrity from incessantly lying over the last decade, and now it is all about protecting ourselves. Screw the rest of the world.
The Real Hockey Stick | Real Science
Thermometers show that 2012 is the third warmest year in US history, after 1934 and 1921. But that story just isn’t going to scare anyone into forking over their hard earned money, so NOAA has massively cooled the past and warmed the present.

USHCN literature claims that adjustments go flat after 1990, but their actual adjustments increase exponentially. They are adding on an additional 0.6 degrees since 1990, which has no justification, and is plain and simple fraud. The total adjustment since the early 20th century is almost two degrees.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: 8-16 day northern hemisphere ...
8-16 day northern hemisphere freeze out!

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