Monday, December 03, 2012

Personal Experience and Prior Beliefs Matter When It Comes to Global Warming |
for all the sound and the fury over climate change in some quarters—like my Twitter stream—some three-quarters of American adults have low levels of engagement in the issue, which is a fancy way of saying they don’t really care.
Deutsche Bank joins carbon fray
There's been ''very, very little'' action lately in carbon, said Gareth Clarke, senior recruitment consultant for carbon at Bradman Recruitment Group.
The carbon market, including voluntary abatement, was ''a lot more vibrant'' several years ago, said Ric Brazzale, managing director of Green Energy Trading and president of the REC Agents Association.
It’s Time for a Carbon Tax : The New Yorker
One key player who has not embraced the idea is Barack Obama...There is a price to be paid for living as we do, and everyone is going to get stuck with the bill.
Local man bringing sustainability self-examination to market - Ukiah Daily Journal
"The basic idea is, every dollar you spend has impacts for better or worse: impacts on the environment, on society, on political causes you do or don't support and on your personal health. We are building a tool to track how these impacts are connected to every dollar you spend and invest. We automatically link up to all your spending and investment with a website called Through your using your credit or debit card we can calculate your climate change footprint according to what you purchase for groceries, your gas, airfare, health and education expenditures.

...There was a recent study commissioned by 20 governments that estimates climate change will kill 100,000,000 people by 2030

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