Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Refreezing The Arctic At -30C | Real Science
Temperatures in the Arctic are about -30C, and scientists have an ingenious plan to make it cold enough to freeze ice.
In 1975, scientists wanted to melt the Arctic to stop climate change.
The Glass Is 1% Empty | Real Science
Anyone with half a brain would understand that expanding tropics means expanding range for corals and other tropical species.
In other words global warming is good for corals, but these geniuses were desperate to spin it negatively.

Only problem is, the tropics are cooling. They forgot to check on the basis of their thesis before wasting taxpayer money and reporting mindless drivel.
Errors in IPCC climate science » Blog Archive » Another wild exaggeration from IPCC 1990 – global temperature should be about 0.6 degrees up on 1990
We must not forget that policymakers were herded to the Rio conference in 1992 and fed a pack of lies.
IPCC 1990 also predicted sea level rise would be twice what it has turned out to be.
Tropopause Rules | Musings from the Chiefio
So that’s where AGW has got it wrong. It fails to distinguish between stratospheric as the radiative regime and tropospheric as the convective evaporative regime. It fails to use a ‘dynamic scoring’ that recognizes the changing location of the tropopause based on heat flux as driver. It fails to recognize the hysteresis bound regime based nature of heat flow in a very dynamic, non-radiative troposphere. And, most importantly, it fails to recognize that closing an already closed tropospheric CO2 window does nothing that matters. Water is the active agent below the tropopause, and even here it is not as radiative BLOCK to cooling, but as evaporative transport doing cooling, and as the radiative couple to the lower stratosphere.

More heat doesn’t make a radiative driven runaway greenhouse in the troposphere. It makes a faster running heat pipe moving water vapor to the base of the stratosphere and a faster heat loss from the stratosphere.

In short, they forgot to identify what actually happens before they made their ‘mental model’ and played with it.

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