Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Richard Parncutt: Musicology Prof. Changes His Tune For Christmas « Tallbloke's Talkshop
After exposure of his death-penalty dissertation on several sceptical blogs yesterday, Prof. Richard Parncutt took down and rewrote the page on the University of Graz website. I have reproduced his reconsidered Christmas message to the climate debate below. He makes much of his membership of human rights organisation Amnesty International. (I’ve been a member in the past too). Gone is the link to DeSmogBlog’s ‘little list’ of deniers. Prof. Parncutt now acknowledges there are areas in which he is no expert. So what’s left? Has he recognised the logical and ethical fallacies in his original? Does he recognise that advocating the killing of people for the views they hold is itself a crime in many civilised countries? Has he ever heard the advice “When in a hole – stop digging” ?

You be the judges.
...[Parncutt] And as long as we are unsure, global warming skepticism, when coupled with attempts to stop measures to stop global warming, should be considered a crime

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