Saturday, December 29, 2012

Russia - Snow is as much as 5 meters (16½ ft) deep - Plows and machines cannot reach roads to clear them - Coldest winter in decades
More than 120 people have died from the severe cold — at least seven in the last 24 hours.

As temperatures plummet to -50 Celsius in some parts of Russia, thousands have been evacuated from their homes in the country’s Far East and Siberia.
I’m a tree — why not feed me?
One of my indispensable foods is carbon dioxide. But you’ve demonised it by fabricating the story that it’s the most important “greenhouse” gas. You pretend that one of the world’s rarest gases, a mere 0.00039 of the atmosphere, will overheat the climate. You never mention that water vapour, up to 4% of the atmosphere (10,000 times more plentiful than CO2), is also the most powerful greenhouse gas of all, with each molecule having about 26 times more warming effect than carbon dioxide.

To support your corrupt fib about CO2, you’ve started referring to this tasteless, odourless, invisible, non-toxic, life-giving plant food as a pollutant. So you try to restrict my diet.

1906 Antarctic Meltdown Caused By High Solar Activity | Real Science
From the days before climate lying became a career path at NOAA and NASA
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Good riddance! The economic damage wrought by former EPA chief Lisa Jackson
WSJ.COM Op-Ed 12/28/12: More than four years after the 2008 panic, the U.S. economy still hasn't rebounded to its normal potential growth trend. So the legacy of one of the main culprits—Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection Agency, who announced Thursday she is resigning—must include the millions of Americans who can't find a job or haven't seen their incomes rise.
The EPA chief is among President Obama's most abusive and reckless regulators—his repressed green id. Over her four years, Ms. Jackson inflicted an unprecedented surge of new rules on private business, including the most expensive ever in the history of government by several orders of magnitude. A "major" regulation used to be defined as imposing costs of $100 million or more. The EPA now routinely issues multibillion-dollar rules with little more than a press release.

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