Monday, December 10, 2012

Sceptics cool on climate studies | Goulburn Post
West Australian backbencher Dennis Jensen, who had read the recent scientific literature, said he interpreted the findings in different ways and believed climate scepticism within the Coalition was increasing.
Tasmania senator David Bushby said he remained a true ''sceptic''.

''I know eminent scientists have one view but I know other eminent scientists - usually ones who have retired and are no longer reliant on government grants - have a totally different view,'' he said.
Police arrest 11 in suspected carbon credit fraud ring -
Carbon credit fraudsters “exploit people’s misguided belief” that environmental investments cannot fail, the police have said.
Indian cos in carbon trade to take a hit
a major chunk of revenues for SRF used to come from selling CERs on its HFC destruction project but after the European Union decided to stop recognising these credits starting 2013, SRF’s chemicals segment faced the biggest stress with revenues falling 38% to R206.3 crore and segmental profits dropping 77% to R42.1 crore.

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