Monday, December 10, 2012

Scientist catalogs effect of climate change on isolated population of birds near Barrow
“The western Arctic has gone from being too cold to being too warm for guillemots in approximately four decades,” Divoky said.
...In 2009, 200 chicks hatched; polar bears ate 90 of them and puffins killed 80. Only one guillemot chick fledged that year.

...The man who was the subject of a climate change play on England’s Royal National Theatre and who once helicoptered off the island in mid-summer to attend the high-powered Aspen Environment Forum will once again be sleeping on a windy island during the bleak arctic summer.
Blizzard Conditions, Snow And Bitter Cold Batter Europe – Claiming Lives
Spiegel reports on tough winter conditions now battering large areas of Central and Eastern Europe, who were told just a few years ago, based on “advanced models”, that this would become “rare – a thing of the past”.
So much for rare and a thing of the past. Europe has seen much snow and cold over all of the last 5 winters!
Climate change conference wraps up Doha’s failure spells doom for Africa -
The global pollution fallout hit a continent short of resources
Climate Conference Ends in Disgrace | Via Meadia
The Kyoto protocol, the ineffectual walking dead climate treaty, will lurch on for a few more years, toothless and brain dead.
The inexorable decline of the climate movement from its Pickett’s Charge at the Copenhagen summit continues. The global green lobby is more flummoxed than ever. These people and these methods couldn’t make a ham sandwich, much less save Planet Earth.

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