Monday, December 24, 2012

Some Christmas gift notes for Dr. Michael Mann | Watts Up With That?
Within his multi-million dollar funded cocoon of academia, it must be impossible for Dr. Mann to understand that many climate skeptics are motivated by individual patriotism and concern for their country and the future of science, rather than the almighty dollar.
Errors in IPCC climate science » Blog Archive » Classic IPCC compliant West Antarctica “warming faster” story – destroyed by satellite data
Unfortunately for the authors of the Nature paper – NASA satellite lower troposphere temperature data by UAH team Spencer & Christy shows cooling over the 1979-2012 period for the 60 degree sector covering West Antarctica with Byrd Station (near 80S – 119W) central.
Goklany: How Fossil Fuels Save Humanity from Nature and Nature from Humanity |
Until the last quarter of a millennium, mankind depended on living nature for all its food and clothing, most of its energy, and much of its material and medicines. Then mankind began to develop technologies to augment or displace living nature’s uncertain bounty. In a new study, author Indur Goklany shows how fossil fuels not only saved humanity from nature’s whims, but nature from humanity’s demands.
Quark Soup by David Appell: Peak Sun
So now comes the big "bicentennial decrease," at least according to Russian scientist Habibullo I. Abdussamatov.

It's difficult to exaggerate the immensity of a 5-6 W/m2 drop in solar intensity, were it to happen. (It won't.) For example, through the Maunder Minimum solar intensity was only about 1 W/m2 lower than today, according to a reconstruction by Wang, Lean, and Sheeley
Massive winter storm from Dallas to Maine threatens Christmas travel for 87 million people |
How long until global warming is blamed for the first white Christmas in Oklahoma City since 1914?

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