Monday, December 17, 2012

‘Species-threatening’ population declines vs. polar bear declines
The Western Hudson Bay, Canada (WHB) subpopulation is the only one that has recently declined by a statistically-significant amount. [see previous post here on the status numbers] The WHB polar bear subpopulation makes up 3-5% of the global total for the species, currently estimated at 20,000-25,000 animals.
Polar bears in WHB declined from an estimated 1194 (in 1987) to 935 (in 2004), a drop of 22%. However, as the most recent PBSG report points out (Obbard et al. 2010:58), the population had been stable before 1998 (Stirling et al. 1999:302, see below), which means this decline really occurred between 1998 and 2004 (over 7 years). This suggests that the decline could be a temporary response to short-term changes
The great global warming swindle
A few years later, after the collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union, the Left found itself in a boat without a paddle. Driven by their hatred of capitalism, left-wing activists hijacked the "green" movement. They seized upon "global warming" – this became their flagship - it must have seemed like an answer to their prayers. Very quickly, they set about using that old political trick of giving people something to worry about and then converting this fear into votes.

From about 1990 onwards these political activists, euphemistically known as "environmentalists", became incredibly well organized. All people had to do was utter the magic words "global warming" and career paths opened and research funds flowed. As time passed it started to evolve into an ideology — anyone who spoke against it was shouted down.
Sheldon Calls Out Climate Change Deniers - YouTube
In this speech on the Senate floor, Sheldon spoke about the damaging effects of climate change and called out the deniers who ignore the mounting scientific evidence of these changes.

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