Thursday, December 06, 2012

Superstition Reigns In The Climate World | Real Science
The problem is that weathermen don’t buy into the lies being propagated by climate alarmists.

July 1901 was hotter before adjustments
2012 has seen the fewest US fires in twenty years
The 1988 drought almost dried up the Mississippi River
Major hurricane strikes in the US are at an all-time low

The Taliban demand submission to their religious superstition, as do the climate Taliban.
NOAA Nov 2012 – The East was Cold! « sunshine hours
The east was cold! 25 out of the 48 states were ranked 59 or under (which is pretty cold)

For example, North Carolina and Virgina’s November were ranked 11 out of 118, which means 107 were warmer! And The warmest November was in 1985 NC’s November in 1985 was 12.8F warmer than Nov 2012.

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