Tuesday, December 18, 2012

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds sea levels were significantly higher during past interglacials
A paper published today in Quaternary Research finds sea levels on the island of CuraƧao [southern Caribbean] during the last interglacial were up to 9 meters higher than the present, and that during another interglacial period 400,000 years ago sea levels were up to 20 meters higher than the present. According to the paper, these significantly higher sea levels during prior interglacials "require major ice sheet loss from Greenland and Antarctica." The authors determine sea levels by dating fossilized reefs that are presently located high above current sea levels [photo below]. The paper also shows sea levels in the Red Sea were up to ~8 meters higher than the present within the past 5,000 years of the current interglacial, and up to ~12 meters higher than the present during the last interglacial. This and many other papers debunk claims by climate alarmists that recent sea level rise is unprecedented, unnatural, or accelerated. In fact, sea levels rose at a constant rate without acceleration during the 20th century, and have decelerated since 2005 to a rate of only ~1.2 mm/yr [less than 5 inches per century].
Why Wind Power Has Low Economic Value | JunkScience.com
If wind is so low cost, why does it need to be subsidized?

“In my report, I analyzed four years’ of hourly production and load data and found that wind generation followed an uneconomic pattern, producing the most electricity when least needed and the least electricity when demand and market prices were highest.” [The Foundry]
New Study Predicts Hotter Heatwaves For US « NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
The authors state that their projections are based on the period 2001-04. It is hard to see what credibility their study has, if there has been, as yet, no discernible trend of the type they have forecast.
Green Agenda About Money – Not The Environment | Real Science
Feds look other way as wind farms kill birds — but haul oil and gas firms to court | Fox News

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