Monday, December 03, 2012

THE LASTEST SCAM: U.S. ‘Climate Aid’ Targets Poorest Nations with Financial Incentives « 21st Century Wire
It’s quite astonishing that almost no advocate of anthropogenic global warming or “climate change” (it’s quite a semantic luxury they have, being able to shape-shift between two different names) will appear in public or on TV anymore to extol the virtues of their half-baked Kinder Surprise science. That’s mainly because they have run out of rope for their argument. ”The science is settled”, as Al Gore once proclaimed, only he lost the debate and the IPCC was exposed as an multi-million dollar fraud – and exposed over and over again. Even the Royal Society in Great Britain finally dumped it in 2010.
Trenberth`s Missing Heat Shrinks To 1% Of The Planet | Real Science
Trenberth said that the yellow spot east of New Jersey was 20% caused by global warming. Apparently global warming is now targeting less than 1% of the planet, and the missing heat has sunk even deeper than normal.
Twitter / AGW_Prof: One on one with an attorney. ...
One on one with an attorney. Mon-Wed sign up Moscone 264 8am - 3 pm. #AGU2012
COP18 Money, Money In A Warming Alarmist’s World « Tory Aardvark
Apart from those expecting huge handouts of western money, hoping for personal financial gain, or power, or both and those souls for whom the irrational fear of CO2 has become a belief system there is no populist support for what UN Climate Chief Christian Figueres refers to as ambition and courageous decisions

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