Monday, December 31, 2012

The Minds of Climate Change Pundits | Digging in the Clay
From the McKibbens down to the warmist bloggers, I would love to follow any of them around for a day and remind them not to use any carbon-based energy, lest they be elitist and hypocritical. Don’t you dare heat your house in the winter, or use an air conditioner or drive a car, or cook on the stove or use your computer, because that would make you look like a “denier” as they call my kind. If I were a warmist I would not be caught dead in a car or an airplane. I would set a golden example and walk or ride a bicycle or use a paddle boat. No phone, no lights, no motorcar, not a single luxury!
Growing Criticism: Germany’s Transition To Renewable Energy Is Leading To All Pain And No Gain
Skyrocketing costs and growing supply uncertainties are putting the German government under massive pressure. The project has been riddled by a complete lack of planning and management. The reason for that of course is because real planning involves honest analysis, which reveals what is feasible and what isn’t. The proponents of green energy simply did not want the answer to that question. So they skipped the planning altogether and dove into it blindly.

Today intermittent wind and sun are causing Germany’s power grid to fluctuate so wildly that the government is now forced to implement drastic measures. For example, industry will be compensated for damages, at the consumers’ expense, when they have to shut down their operations to in order to prevent a grid collapse (of the sort we saw in Munich some weeks ago).
Rip-off: Hartford runs ‘extreme weather’ ad on NYTimes web site |
It’s “on the rise” — so let us over-insure you?
Paul Fanlund: In teaching climate change, politics trumps science
In a year-end article on the Salon website recounting the litany of severe climate events over the past two years, Michael Mann, a Penn State climate scientist, looked ahead: “What we view today as unprecedented extreme weather will become the new normal … if we proceed with business-as-usual.”

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