Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The UN's Global Warming Forecasts Are Performing Very, Very Badly - Forbes
[Patrick Michaels] At the time, I called MacDonald at UCLA and asked if there was any intervening finding that overturned his results, and he said no. His truth was simply inconvenient to the IPCC.

As shown by the Climategate emails, when dealing with the IPCC, people need to keep their eyes on their fries. I’ll suggest the same vigilance concerning this remarkable chart showing the failure of the one or the UN’s most-cited series of forecasts, and I’ll predict that it does not see the light of day when the final report is released next year.
Lord Monckton on Doha and the AR5 leak - YouTube
[one hour video] An in depth interview with Lord Christopher Monckton on the aftermath of the Doha Conference and the leaking of the UN IPCC AR 5 report.
Newtown: Tragedy, empathy, and growing our circle of concern | Grist
[David "Climate Nuremberg" Roberts] for every ton of carbon we emit, we are firing a bullet into the air. We may not live to see it, but those bullets will rain down on the children of the future, and they will suffer for it.
Death toll from Ukraine cold spell rises to 61
A cold snap in Ukraine has claimed another 24 lives to reach a death toll of 61 people this month after temperatures dropped to minus 23 Celsius (-9 Fahrenheit), a senior Health Ministry official said on Wednesday, Dec.19.
Last February, as Ukraine went through its coldest winter in six years, more than 130 people died of cold in the country of 45 million.

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