Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Women UN IPCC warmist Michael Oppenheimer answers to -- Barbra Streisand -- weighs in: 'In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I can't comprehend how there are still climate change deniers out there'
Streisand: 'No matter how loud Mother Nature screams, we never seem to listen. We've got to get serious about investing in solutions to this serious threat before it gets any worse' -- 'My Foundation started supporting climate change work in 1989, when I donated a quarter of a million dollars to support the work of environmental scientist Dr. Michael Oppenheimer at EDF. Since then, I, and others have spent countless millions on this issue'
Where Does ExxonMobil Stand on Carbon Taxes?
Yesterday on NPR’s radio program To the Point, I said it was dishonorable for ExxonMobil to support a carbon tax. I compared ExxonMobil’s reported embrace of carbon taxes to Enron’s lobbying for the Kyoto Protocol.

Enron was a a major natural gas distributor and saw in Kyoto a means to suppress demand for coal, natural gas’s chief competitor in the electricity fuel market. ExxonMobil is a major natural gas producer. So I took this to be another case of political capitalism – corporate lobbying to replace a competitive market with a rigged market to enrich a particular firm or industry at the expense of competitors and consumers.
Remembering Jerry Mahlman, 1940-2012 | Climate Science Watch
[2006, NYT] “Historians of science will be brutal on us,” said Jerry Mahlman, a climate expert at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. “We are right now in a state of deep denial about how severe the problem is. Political people are saying, ‘Well, it’s not on my watch.’ They’re ducking for cover, because who’s going to tell the American people?”
“Are we an intelligent species or not?” Dr. Mahlman asked. “Right now, the evidence is against it.”

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