Thursday, December 06, 2012

These people think you're stupid: After storms killed hundreds of thousands of people when CO2 was lower, a storm killing a few hundred people now is held up as proof that CO2 is dangerous

Philippines warns Typhoon Bopha is latest of many climate disasters | RTCC - Responding to Climate Change
The head of climate change in the Philippines says the world is at a “critical juncture” and that it only has a few hours left to avert the development of dangerous climate change.

Addressing the main plenary in Doha, Naderev M. SaƱo reminded delegates that the death toll from Typhoon Bopha, which struck the Philippines earlier this week, was 300 and rising fast.
The 10 deadliest storms in history - Technology & science - Science | NBC News
Bhola cyclone, Bangladesh (East Pakistan), 1970. Death toll estimated at 150,000 to 550,000.
Hooghly River cyclone, India and Bangladesh, 1737. Death toll: 350,000.
Haiphong typhoon, Vietnam, 1881. Death toll: 300,000.
Coringa cyclone, India, 1839. Death toll: 300,000.
Backerganj cyclone, Bangladesh, 1584. Death toll: 200,000.
Great Backerganj Cyclone, Bangladesh, 1876. Death toll: 200,000.
Chittagong cyclone, Bangladesh, 1897. Death toll: 175,000.
Super Typhoon Nina, China, 1975. Death toll: 171,000.
Cyclone 02B, Bangladesh, 1991. Death toll: 140,000.
Great Bombay Cyclone, India (from the Arabian Sea), 1882. Death toll: 100,000.

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