Sunday, December 23, 2012

Too Funny! I send Michael Mann a free WUWT calendar as a Christmas gift, and he goes full conspiracy theory
I spent a whopping $15.84 to send this
Harvard Scientist Proposes Arctic Refreeze to Prevent Global Warming Disaster
The scientist believes there are solutions for global warming, including enforcing global conversation [?!] , reducing carbon-dioxide emissions and increasing wind power. What we currently lack, according to Keith, is urgency, attention to the problem and action.
Op-Ed: Trouble in the troposphere |
[Veteran meteorologist Anthony J. Sadar] The latest political catchphrase floating about is "dirty weather," as in Mr. Al Gore's claim that "Dirty energy makes dirty weather." Any big meteorological event deemed out of the ordinary is tagged with this moniker to designate the event as a product of man-made climate change. Of course Hurricane Sandy got the label, even though the storm's dynamics and timing were not as extremely unusual and unexpected as folks were led to believe.
The Goldilocks Principle | Climate Etc.
Some climatologists, suggest that the Goldilocks “just right” level of atmospheric CO2 was between 280 and 300 ppmv (19th century level) with anything over 450 ppmv (or even 350 ppmv!) no longer “just right” – but downright “dangerous”, in fact.

Fairy tales are nice, aren’t they?

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