Friday, December 28, 2012

Top Obama Environmental Official Departs "Frustrated" Over Pipeline, Inaction On Climate
"If the president comes out for it, she [Lisa Jackson] would be expected to support it," said Tittel. "Whether they told her or not, that's how it works. She was the person who pushed the hardest for the moratorium on the pipeline and now she's leaving."

"I know she was very frustrated by the White House on a lot of issues," he said, citing a "cap-and-trade" bill to limit carbon emissions that failed in the Senate in 2009.

A former senior administration official confirmed that disputes over Keystone were central to Jackson's alienation from the White House — though a third source close to Jackson said she also had personal reasons to move on from the Obama administration, a normal step for a cabinet official who has served four intense years.

"It was all about Keystone for the last 16 months," said the former senior Obama administration official, who said Jackson's opposition to the project — and her defeat in internal arguments — meant that her colleagues had assumed she would leave after the November election, before she would be forced to work on any element of the implementation of Keystone.
CEI: EPA Administrator’s Resignation A Good First Step | Competitive Enterprise Institute
Washington, D.C. – December 27, 2012 – The Competitive Enterprise Institute released the following statement on the news today that EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson will resign early in the new year:
We believe EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson has chosen the proper course by resigning. As the focus of an investigation by her agency’s own inspector general and inquiries from at least two committees of Congress, she no longer could effectively serve as administrator of the EPA.

We also believe the timing was no accident....
But this scandal cannot end with Jackson’s resignation. She appears to have illegally evaded deliberative procedures and transparency requirements set in law – as did the federal appointees and career employees with whom she communicated through her alias email account. She must be held to account, as must those others – both to assure the peoples’ business is done in public and to send a signal to other high-level government officials this conduct cannot and will not be tolerated.
Matt Damon on Climate: ‘We’re genuinely f*cked’ |
I know… who cares?
University Of Graz “Death To Deniers!” Professor Richard Parncutt Calls For The Execution Of Pope Benedict
It’s nice to see that academia in Austria is getting more and more tolerant with every passing day. In fact we haven’t seen this level of tolerance in about 70 years.

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