Thursday, December 20, 2012

Warmist Katharine Hayhoe, after trying to sell us "The Mother of All Hockey Sticks": "I’m not tempted to be alarmist, to over-exaggerate anything"

Climate Wishlist: What an Evangelical Climate Scientist and an Interfaith Renewable Energy Organizer Want for 2013
[Hayhoe]: I’m not tempted to be alarmist, to over-exaggerate anything, because I don’t think it’s possible to solve this if fear is to paralyze us.
From a scientific perspective, though, I have to tell you that we scientists are scared to death of being called alarmists, so we as a community have actually underweighted the highest risks from climate change. We are being deliberately understated in what we say are the effects from climate change. If we have any shadow of a doubt as to how much methane is coming out of the permafrost or how fast Greenland is melting—if we have a shadow of a doubt about that, we assume it’s zero. We know the answer isn’t zero. So at the same time that we have to stay motivated, we have to acknowledge that the scientific community is understating the risk on a very consistent basis.
Flashback: Wow: Check out climate hoax promoter Katharine Hayhoe's 2010 "Mother of All Hockey Sticks"

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