Tuesday, January 01, 2013

[50-minute audio]: Marc Morano on the year at Climate Depot
On December 20, 2012, CHUO 89.1 FM The Train's Denis Rancourt interviewed Marc Morano about 2012 with Climate Depot. Mediamatters.org recently named Marc "Climate Change Misinformer Of The Year".
Twitter / keithkloor: "Frankly, I find the gap between ...
"Frankly, I find the gap between [Michael] Mann’s depiction and the reality of what [Nate] Silver said disturbing."
Why we fight – Telegraph Blogs
[Delingpole] Now the reason I quote Dr Willis's letter because it contains so many of the tropes and rhetorical fallacies to which the climate alarmist movement is prey, all of them wrapped up in a blanket of warm caringness and noble altruism. To whit:

1. The copious cloying references to his grandson. Climate true believers think they have a monopoly on compassion. They think they are the only people who love their children and grandchildren or even stop to consider the plight of "future generations". This gives them the moral authority to write surreptitiously malevolent, passive-aggressive emails to people they've never met and whose opinions they've never troubled to understand, accusing them of being "celebrity denialists."

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