Monday, January 21, 2013

Al Gore tries to convince us of the existence of CO2-induced "dirty weather" using examples like China's coldest winter in nearly 30 years and -50 F temperatures in Russia

Twitter / algore: #dirtyweather is the new norm: ...
is the new norm:
Al's Journal : Extreme Weather Around the World
Extreme weather is the new norm:
“Around the world, extreme has become the new commonplace.

Especially lately. China is enduring its coldest winter in nearly 30 years. Brazil is in the grip of a dreadful heat spell. Eastern Russia is so freezing — minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and counting — that the traffic lights recently stopped working in the city of Yakutsk.”


Anonymous said...

Wow... It's hot in Brazil and cold in Russia. What a distrurbing departure from the norm.

I think that the warmists will have to rethink the whole "dirty weather" thing it's inherently incongruent to witness miles of pure white snow and think "dirty".

Anonymous said...

So basically any weather now proves it's from "Global Warming".