Monday, January 07, 2013

American Geophysical Union Welcomes Back Disgraced Peter Gleick, Gives Him Speaking Slot
It is not just astonishing that Gleick would show his face at the AGU’s conference considering his admitted crimes, but that the AGU invited Gleick to speak at one of the sessions.
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Boulder residents mourn Mapleton elk at candlelight vigil - Boulder Daily Camera
residents of the area gave conflicting reports as to whether it had behaved aggressively toward humans.
British explorer embarks on Antarctica adventure -
They will use modified, 20-ton tractors to transport sledges with mounted living quarters and fuel that is designed not to freeze in the extreme temperatures...Team members also hope to conduct research aimed at understanding the effect of climate change on the poles.
The global warming hot list for 2013 — The Daily Climate
Al Gore, longtime champion of climate action, slipped from 313 mentions in 2008 to 87 last year. But even with a lower profile, the former Vice President remains one of the most frequently-cited names in climate news stories.
TV meteorologists, one of the last strongholds of any kind of science on television, will feel more empowered to connect the climate dots – partly due to the Forecast the Facts campaign, but also due to how bloody awful the world's weather has become.

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