Friday, January 25, 2013

Arctic Ice Area Identical To 2012 | Real Science
Last year 12,400,000 km² of Arctic ice caused a warm winter in the Eastern US. This year the identical amount of ice is causing a cold winter. Both years were +/-two standard deviations, meaning that they were normal.

Climate models can differentiate between normal amounts of ice one year and identical normal amounts of ice the next year, and hindcast whatever the weather was that just happened. The government has spent many tens of millions of dollars perfecting this technology.
Afternoon Invocation | Real Science
Oh CO2 gods, why do you test us so? You have promised the great change of climate and devastation of the planet, yet we patiently wait and see nothing.

When will you return, destroy this planet and take us to our hellish abode – which we so richly deserve for not living like cave people. The great prophets profiteers Hansen and Mann have promised it.

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