Monday, January 14, 2013

Awkward: In a LiveScience article published a few hours ago, Michael Mann uses Cincinnati daffodils as evidence that the planet is overheating. Checking today's Cincinnati temperature, we see that the high was 36 F, 29 degrees colder than the high in 1950

Big Chill vs. Global Warming: What's Going On? | Reality of Climate Change | LiveScience
A big chill crept over California this weekend, with temperatures in a San Diego county dipping to 23 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 5 degrees Celsius), breaking a record set in 2007. And, according to news reports and the National Weather Service, San Diego beaches may have gotten a coating of morning frost, while a freeze warning remains in effect until Tuesday morning for the San Joaquin Valley.

Meanwhile, a storm system dumped 4-6 inches (10-15 centimeters) of snow on Jerusalem last week, killing at least eight people.
Amidst the chilly headlines, however, Earth continues to break heat records left and right. "It's easy to cherry pick and find places that might be unusually cold at any given time, for example Southern California right now," Mann told LiveScience in an email. "But meanwhile, daffodils are coming up in Cincinnati.
"When you step back and look at what is happening overall, it is very clear that we are seeing overall warming, and a dramatic increase in record-breaking heat around the world," said Mann, pointing out the record heat and wildfires happening in Australia right now and the record heat experienced in the United States this past summer.

"They are both symptomatic of the perceptible and profound impact that climate change is already having on our weather," Mann added.
Cincinnati Weather : Weather Underground
[Max Temperature 36 °F; Average 38 °F; Record 65 °F (1950)]

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