Sunday, January 20, 2013

Berkeley Earth finally makes peer review – in a never before seen journal | Watts Up With That?
After almost two years and some false starts, BEST now has one paper that has finally passed peer review. The text below is from the email release sent late Saturday. It was previously submitted to JGR Atmospheres according to their July 8th draft last year, but appears to have been rejected as they now indicate it has been published in Geoinformatics and Geostatistics, a journal I’ve not heard of until now.
UK weather: Treacherous black ice causes travel chaos across the country as forecasters predict more snow this afternoon and Heathrow cancels another 200 flights | Mail Online
Britain faces more travel chaos tomorrow after forecasters predicted a fresh blanket of heavy snow over much of the country – and said the big freeze could last for two weeks.
Twitter / RyanMaue: Heart of coldest-air in a while ...
Heart of coldest-air in a while for Great Lakes, actual 850 mb temps of -37°C -- worse of it 23°C below normal
Washington: Grimm's Carbon Tax
So, the carbon tax would cut a family of four’s income by $1,400 per year, raise their utility bills by $500 per year and increase the chance that they find themselves out of work altogether. Unfortunately, in the carbon tax fairy tale being spun in Washington, there is no woodman’s ax or clever sister to save the day.

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