Monday, January 28, 2013

- Bishop Hill blog - It's cold in India.
Teeth chattering in Morse code i marvelled at this unique phenomenon of global warming. How had this global warming - which was melting the Arctic ice cap and giving polar bears heatstroke - all of a sudden become a global colding?
46 Inches Of Rain In One Day – During The Coldest Year Ever | Real Science
Climate experts tell us that heavy rain is due to global warming, which is why the world record rainfall came during the coldest year ever.
Dr Keith Allott: Obama Raises Game on Climate - Will Cameron Step Up?
These are worrying times for anyone who cares about the future of the planet. Carbon [sic] emissions are hitting record levels, and without urgent action the world risks locking itself into a fossil fuelled future which will condemn us to catastrophic levels of warming. This message comes not just from green groups, but from sober bodies such as the International Energy Agency, the World Bank, Price Waterhouse Coopers, the World Economic Forum and the UN Environment Programme.
Dr Keith Allott  Head of Climate Change at WWF-UK

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