Saturday, January 05, 2013

Blow To Big Wind In The Power-Market Stakes
THE stark backdrop to the UN’s uneventful climate change negotiations in Doha last month that left environment groups smoking with disappointment is the long-running meltdown on global green-energy markets.
Epa: Administrator confirmation on collision course with carbon [dioxide hoax scam], gasoline rules -- 01/04/2013 --
U.S. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson's announcement last week of her resignation in late January could force the agency into a tough confirmation fight as it's proposing or finalizing controversial air regulations that would limit sulfur in gasoline and greenhouse gas emissions from new power plants.
E-mail Scandal at the EPA - John Fund - National Review Online
When the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-market group, came up empty on its FOIA requests for Jackson’s e-mails relating to her anti-coal efforts, it was told by an EPA whistleblower that she was using “Richard Windsor” and other aliases to coordinate with outside anti-coal groups and engage in other activity she wouldn’t want to come to light.
...When cutting deals to ensure the health-care industry’s support of Obamacare and provide $500 million in green-energy loan guarantees to the now-bankrupt Solyndra solar company, senior administration officials used private e-mail accounts that fell outside federal record-keeping laws. The Solyndra loans were coordinated on 14 separate private e-mail accounts. ABC News reported that Jim Messina, who in 2009 was Obama’s deputy White House chief of staff, coordinated with drug companies a $150 million advertising campaign in support of Obamacare using his private AOL account.

The White House arranged for a privately owned computer server to handle discussions about a controversial United Nations initiative, presumably to ensure that FOIA requests wouldn’t uncover them.
Massive Cold Blast Forecast For The US | Real Science
Temperatures have been running far below normal this winter in most of the US, and are forecast to get much colder in about a week.
The forecast is another 10 degree drop in temperature – towards historic lows.
Last winter we were told that mild temperatures US were “extreme” and proof of global warming.

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