Monday, January 21, 2013

Boris Johnson says snow casts doubt on climate change science | Leo Hickman | Environment |
He wafts away the scientists who say snowy winters are consistent with global warming
Analysis: In augural address, Obama makes climate change a top priority | Texas on the Potomac | a blog
Frances Beinecke, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, called Obama’s speech “a call to action against the climate chaos that is sweeping our nation and threatening our future.”
C3: NASA's "Boiling" Oceans? Updated Empirical Evidence Confirms Absurdity Of Prediction
NASA's famous in-house climate quack rivals notorious doomsday cultists, such as Harold Camping and others - as the empirical evidence reveals, James Hansen's headline grabbing prediction of boiling oceans, from too much CO2, is from the theater of propaganda absurdity
Greenpeace to Obama: ‘Make carbon unaffordable’ |
Greenpeace has a five-point “need-to-do” list for BO.
Flights scrapped as snow blankets Europe - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Heavy snowfall in large parts of Europe has forced airlines to cancel large numbers of flights to London's Heathrow airport and the main airports in Paris.

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