Monday, January 07, 2013

Bummer: New Scientist says that according to James Hansen, global warming might cause the average surface temperature of the planet to fall by a few degrees

Sea level rise could lead to a cooler, stormier world - environment - 07 January 2013 - New Scientist
A catastrophic rise in sea level before the end of the century could have a hitherto-unforeseen side effect. Melting icebergs might cool the seas around Greenland and Antarctica so much that the average surface temperature of the entire planet falls by a few degrees, according to unpublished work by climate scientist James Hansen of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York City.

While it might sound welcome, the temperature differences produced by the "iceberg cooling effect" could lead to even more climate chaos in a world already devastated by extreme weather. Winter storms, for instance, are powered by the temperature differences between the poles and the equator, so there might be storms of unprecedented ferocity.  [Via Junk Science]


Anonymous said...

I read an article published in 1979 that said the world was going to warm-up from around 1985 until 2000 where it would be followed by cooling, perhaps for up to 50 years.

The cynic in me is saying that these (political activist) scientists have leveraged this report. And now they are saying that there will be large storms because of global warming. I think this is true. why? Because a larger warm-cold differential can produce bigger storms.

And I believe these 'scientists' are using this report's findings in order to sound as if they can predict the climate AND, to scare us into using less resources so that the developing world can develop faster, get their women into the workforce and hence cut down their fertility rates.

tmitsss said...

That was Leona Marshall Libby who make that prediction

Anonymous said...

Hi tmitsss,

You are correct. And there was another researcher also named in the article.

I have the article bookmarked and I have posted it in several places over the last few years.

Here it is in case anybody is interested:,139587&dq=global+warming&hl=en

Anyway, I think the scientists who are saying we are going to be having more bigger storms may be right. They are saying that it will be from CO2 induced global warming but I think it's going to be from a combination of warming caused by nature, and/or CO2, and/or UHI colliding with the cooler cold-fronts that will be coming down. This is assuming the 1979 study is correct. So far, the report looks fairly accurate if you use Hadcrut V3 unadjusted global temperature data.