Monday, January 28, 2013

California’s carbon market: a potential game-changer in slowing the Amazon’s deforestation
In the world of greenhouse gas emissions, tropical deforestation is huge. Accounting for about 15% of these emissions globally, deforestation emits more than all cars, trucks, buses, trains and airplanes on the planet — combined
Twitter / RogerPielkeJr: Wow--> Weight savings in ...
Wow--> Weight savings in 787 by Boeing decision to use lithium batteries over NiCad? 40 pounds or one piece of luggage
Twitter / GregorMacdonald: A 2010 report of mine, "Rate ...
A 2010 report of mine, "Rate of global coal demand so fast, if US went to zero coal, it would only take 5 years for world to build it back."
- Bishop Hill blog - Von Storch's new book
The climate scientist [von Storch] had the suspicion that climate science was dragging around a ‘cultural rucksack’ that was influencing the interpretation of the data. The cultural scientist [Krauss], with regards to the appearances by some climate scientists in the media and the roles they were readily assigned, was reminded of weather-wizards and shamans of foreign cultures.”

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