Thursday, January 31, 2013

Carbon tax v cap-and-trade: which is better? | Environment |
In the short term, most economists agree that uncertainty alone argues for a tax. Climate change depends on the stock of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and in each year the increase in that stock due to new emissions is small, so the environment is probably not that sensitive to the uncertainty about the level of emissions brought about by choosing a tax, at least over a year or two.
How Solyndra's Failure Promises a Brighter Future for Solar Power: Scientific American
The bankruptcy of photovoltaic panel-maker Solyndra is actually good news for the U.S. solar industry
Chu mum on his future, but chatty on electric cars - The Hill's E2-Wire
Chu said he would be “a little surprised” if that 80 percent of the world’s new car fleet weren’t made up of “mild hybrid” vehicles five to 10 years from now — those with both a battery and internal combustion engine.
Twitter / WaxmanClimate: Signs of #ClimateChange: 54 ...
Signs of : 54 degrees in St. Louis, MO yesterday. 13 degrees warmer than normal.
Twitter / eschor: With two of NWF's anti- #KXL ...
With two of NWF's anti- #KXL MVPs joining Boxer's staff, I wonder if a more muscular opposition to the pipeline is coming...

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