Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Climate Alarmist Michael Mann Charges $10,000 Speaker Fee | Media Trackers Florida
Mann’s agent, Jodi Solomon, said in a phone call earlier this month that Mann would charge $10,000 plus travel expenses to address a meeting of Florida air conditioning specialists...Mann is a very busy public speaker who may well be making hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual speaking fees. Mann did not return a call asking how much he is charging Valencia College for his talk or how much money he made from speaker fees in 2012.

James Adamski, who is organizing Mann’s talk at Valencia College, declined to disclose how much the college is spending on Mann’s speaker fees.
Twitter / MichaelEMann: Wonder if all "facts" reported ...
Wonder if all "facts" reported by "media trackers" () r as wrong as this (I'm doing talk pro bono!)
Hey Michael: The article mentioned at least two talks.  Are you doing both of those talks pro bono?


Anonymous said...

Im juts leased that I got the college to drop the Nobel Prize reference. The dorks response to my pot on his facebook page was, "well, he's a lot close to a nobel prize than you."
But - he did change the promo

papertiger said...

still overpriced, even if it was pro bono.

Bob K said...

The talk at the public supported college is going to be on his book and followed by a book signing.

I wonder if the financial arrangement is that the college will consider his speaking as a charitable donation to the college equal to what he otherwise would charge? That might be a nice way to write off the taxes on the fee for the other appearance.