Friday, January 18, 2013

Climate Change Report Gets Cold Reception on Capitol Hill | EnergyBiz
A new report that says climate change is a matter of national urgency is getting a cold reception from leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee says that the evidence of the earth’s warming is becoming more apparent.

But the odds of any federal legislation that would be enacted to combat such effects are nil...Most Republicans and some Democrats say that the phenomenon can be attributed to natural causes in weather cycles.
Twitter / carrzee: EU carbon market is “a joke ...
EU carbon market is “a joke the whole world laughs about”...eon CEO Johannes Teyssen tells Manager Magazin ...sigh #EUETS #climate
Put government labs to work on climate change - The Washington Post
[Oreskes compares the threat of slightly warmer weather to the historical threat of a Nazi atomic bomb] There is a powerful precedent for the president to take this route. The core of the national laboratory system was created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt as part of the Manhattan Project to address an earlier threat to American safety and security: the possibility that German scientists were going to build an atomic bomb that could have been decisive in World War II. Scientists brought the issue to the president’s attention and then did what he asked: They built a deliverable weapon in time for use in the war.

While historians have long argued about the seriousness of the threat of a Nazi atomic bomb, there is no question that at the time it was viewed as imminent. Today we face a threat that is somewhat less immediate but far less speculative. An obvious response is to engage the national laboratory system to study options to reduce or alleviate climate change, which the president could do by executive order.
Update: Polar bear population now 22,600-32,000 – when tallied by nation | polarbearscience
So when you add up the individual estimates provided on each of the two maps on this web tool, you get two different numbers that have no resemblance to the “official” estimate of 20,000-25,000.

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