Saturday, January 05, 2013

Climate Skeptics and Climate Fools | RedState
Natural gas is the logical bridge to a nuclear future. Fortunately, we have an abundant domestic supply which can be profitably exploited for a century or more. We ignore nuclear energy, and focus on the losing bet on wind and solar at the peril of future generations. Frittering away resources on non-solutions will cost our prosperity first; later on, the cost of our folly will be measured in lives. Until the Green community is willing to acknowledge this reality, I see no reason to take their environmental hand-wringing seriously.
Americans Know Little About Global Warming, Survey Says
only 45% understood the effects of carbon dioxide.
Dr. David Kass » Notes From 2012 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting
(12) Audience: MidAmerican has a large investment in wind and solar power. How important are subsidies in this area?

Buffett: With respect to wind power, they receive 2.2 cents subsidy per kilowatt hour for 10 years. That makes wind projects work. They would not work without it. Neither wind nor solar projects would be working without their subsidies. You cannot count on wind for the base load. It works and it is clean, but if the wind is not blowing, people do not want the risk of having their lights go off. Therefore, it is only for supplemental generation.
Al Gore, friend of the petro-state | Full Comment | National Post
At the pinnacle of Al Gore’s fame and influence, he was a much jet-travelling man, going from continent to continent, earning huge fees, to give his explosive and exaggerated Powerpoint presentation about the threat of apocalyptic global warming.

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