Monday, January 07, 2013

CNN Veteran Dykstra Slams Network For Climate Special Lacking 'A Single Mention Of What Causes Climate Change' | ThinkProgress
“It was very well done for showing climate impacts, but doing an hour documentary on climate change and not mentioning fossil fuels is like doing an hour on sexually-transmitted diseases and not mentioning sex.”

That is Peter Dykstra critiquing CNN’s new one-hour prime-time documentary, “The Coming Storms.”
Rupert Murdoch goes to war with environmentalists on Twitter as he claims fossil fuels 'are making the world greener' | Mail Online
Murdoch, a frequent and outspoken critic of renewable energy, tweeted today: 'World growing greener with increased carbon.

'Thirty years of satellite evidence. Forests growing faster and thicker.'
American Thinker: Undeniable Proof of Global Warming in North America!
San Diego, California has recorded abnormally low temperatures for the past couple of weeks. Mongolia is bracing for another devastating winter like that of 2009-2010 when the country lost several million animals to the cold weather. Winter came early in Kazakhstan in 2012 with temperatures in the capital of Astana experiencing minus 40 F or lower for the past several weeks on and off. In Kazakhstan and Mongolia, most power is produced via coal fired power plants. And these countries, part of the FSU states, use reticulated centralized hot water as a heating medium for all homes, businesses, schools, other government buildings, commercial buildings, name it. They burn coal for their boilers. Kazakhstan has become a major producer of oil and gas as well. If any country was suffering warming, it would be Kazakhstan.

So for all of you global warming enthusiasts, science may be an inconvenient truth.

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