Thursday, January 10, 2013

CO2 isn't the main climate driver: Seven tweets from Joe Bastardi

Joe Bastardi tweets:
I have dug into every paper I can on the physical process that is supposed to allow co2 to work and this magic.The weight against:staggering
What about water vapor, 400 times more prominent than co2. and its relation to the cycles of the ocean with its heat capacity and exchange?
The reason you are seeing the shut down of the warming is simple.. its climate cycle theory. The pacific is starting to cool.
The oceans warming added heat to atmosphere.Once that was accounted for, temps leveled off.Now that cooling of pacific starting planet cools
The biggest problem may be ice, not fire. what happens when the atlantic flips to its cold mode.
Its this simple. The oceans are the thermostat, the suns input starts the whole show. co2 is the driven, not the driver. Get over it
here is what u have to believe: gas that 1/400th of ghg is absorbing radiation and feeding back enough to heat even oceans 1kx heat of air

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