Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cold snap affects 379,000 in SW China's Guizhou -
Persistent cold weather has left about 379,000 people in a state of disaster in southwest China's Guizhou Province, said local authorities on Wednesday.
Kathmandu winter dips below 5 degree celcius - YouTube
The harshest winter in Kathmandu in 35 years, the global warming is leading its toll slowly.. the hours of electrical load shedding is making it unbearable... Wish the spring comes soon..!
Richard Branson to Quebec: 'Save the Orcas' from the Ice | Ecorazzi
Right now a dozen killer whales off the coast of Inukjuak, Quebec are fighting for their lives. Just days ago the bay froze leaving the orcas only one small hole in the ice to take turns breathing. Unless an icebreaker comes to help the orcas, their future looks grim.

Ocean advocate Richard Branson blogged today asking Canadian officials to step up and help the struggling whales.  [If only Branson knew some rich guy who cared enough to pony up his own cash to save these whales--then no taxpayer cash would need to be used!]
2012 Hottest Year Ever: Will Republicans Continue Their Moronic Denial of 'Global Warming' - YouTube
[I like how she tries to sell 55.3 degrees F. as, like, super-hot.  When any warmist claims that it was "too hot" in the U.S. last year, they should be confronted with this number.]

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