Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coldest night in St. Louis in two years on the way tonight |
After sunset, skies will slowly clear while the thermometer quickly drops, leaving most areas with lows of between 5 and 9 degrees above zero. If Lambert-St. Louis International Airport sees a low of 8 degrees, it would be the lowest temperature recorded since February 10, 2011.
Reviewing Flight Behavior: A Novel by Barbara Kingsolver | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media
Kingsolver writes about “weather-weirding” and how it’s affecting the Feathertown, Tennessee, community: “The trees had lost their leaves early in the unrelenting rain. After a brief fling with coloration they dropped their tresses in clumps like a chemo patient losing her hair.”
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: The facts show the global temp ...

The facts show the global temp reversal that has started and will take us back to 1978 levels by 2030 due to pdo/amo

Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: ECMWF says no above normal ...
ECMWF says no above normal days NYC through Feb 10, 3 precip events, look to be snow
The Growing Irrelevance of U.S. Climate Policy
The world will burn around 1.2 billion more tons of coal per year in 2017 than it does today — an amount equal to the current coal consumption of Russia and the United States combined.

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