Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Emission trading schemes limit green consumerism | JunkScience.com
Collectivism backfires (again).
Horner on whether EPA actually ‘shot down’ his latest lawsuit, as claimed by media | JunkScience.com
They didn’t shoot it down. That’s The Hill spinning that EPA denied it.
Debate Needed to Address Global Warming Uncertainty | MIT Technology Review
This all makes establishing sound policy difficult, to say the least.
Cold Snaps, Global Warming Go Hand-in-Hand - weather.com
Frigid temperatures like these are sometimes used to refute the idea that the planet as a whole is getting warmer with each passing year. That's just not so, say NASA scientists, who point out that even on a warming planet, bitterly cold temperatures and harsh winter weather will still be possible and even commonplace.
Climate change a local issue too, expert says - Hamilton
[Barry Smit, a global warming expert] "The costs of not taking action are far greater than the costs of taking action. There are all kinds of studies that show that."

One local example would be apple orchards, Smit said. Last season, apple trees blossomed early due to the mild winter. When the frost returned, the blossoms died and approximately 80 per cent of the apple crop was lost, resulting in as much as $100 million in lost revenue, he said.

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