Thursday, January 24, 2013

EU referendum: Climate efforts could be 'collateral damage', warn MEPs | Environment |
Ukip launch petition to suspend EU energy and climate targets as MEPs speak out on environment impact of a UK exit
..."There's a big rump of the party that Cameron has to battle with who don't give a damn about Europe and don't give a damn about climate change," [Jules Peck, an environmental advisor] told EurActiv.
Twitter / rebmoti: @MichaelEMann Hearing on climate ...
@MichaelEMann Hearing on climate in KS House Energy committee next week, inclg John Christy & Willie Soon
Twitter / MichaelEMann: @rebmoti Sad commentary on ...
@rebmoti Sad commentary on state of #AntiScientific furvor in U.S. House. Christy & Soon role in #climatechange #denial featured in #HSCW
Twitter / rebmoti: @MichaelEMann Not US House, KS House
@MichaelEMann Not US House, KS House
Twitter / skepticscience: We discuss Supermandia & ...
We discuss Supermandia & his epic fight against climate denial (in galoshes) in The Climate Show

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